a hatching record book that can be used for all types of birds

All Flock Hatching Record Book: Track and Optimize Every Step of Your Flock's Journey to Healthy Hatching

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Author: Garrett, Anita L

Binding: paperback

Format: Large Print

Number Of Pages: 120

Release Date: 24-06-2024

Details: This record book is an indispensable tool for both novice enthusiasts and seasoned breeders in the realm of fowl (Galliformes) and waterfowl (Anseriformes). This meticulously crafted record book is the backbone for maintaining a thriving flock and tracking genetic lineage. Whether you're just starting on your journey into the world of bird breeding or possess years of experience, the hatching record book offers a comprehensive framework to monitor your birds' health, growth, and development. From documenting incubation conditions to recording hatch rates and observing genetic traits, this hatching record has become a trusted companion in the pursuit of breeding excellence. With its structured format and user-friendly design, the hatching record book empowers breeders to make informed decisions, enhance breeding programs, and preserve the heritage of their flocks for generations to come.
Hatch Rate vs. Fertility Rate
Incubation time, temperature, humidity, & lockdown information for 8 different Breeds
Hatching Charts
All about Candling
Record and note pages

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Languages: English