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We are NPIP Certified and AI Clean

We Ship Hatching Eggs


American Bresse Coturnix Quail

 We are a family-owned and operated farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

We Specialize in the breeding and production of American Bresse & Coturnix Quail Eggs for both eating and hatching.  We started raising Coturnix Quail in 2006 for our consumption of meat and eggs.  We already had meat rabbits, which are white meat, so we were looking for dark meat with a small footprint here at the farm.  We decided the Japanese Coturnix Quail was the answer.  We acquired some hatching eggs from a  well-known and respected Quail research and development facility in Louisiana. We hatched them and watched them grow into the flock, supplying us with dark meat and eggs.  Suddenly, we had people showing up and knocking on our door asking if we were the people that have quail wanting to buy either live birds, eggs, or meat.  Everyone was finding out about us from word of mouth. We have since added the American Bresse Chicken to the Homestead.

At this point, we decided to make the next evolution and create AJ Farms, LLC.

 AJ Farms, LLC was created in September of 2016, and we hope to continue to grow by introducing the community to the American Bresse Chicken eggs. 

 The products that we have available at the farm are:

American Bresse eggs for eating (FARM PICK-UP ONLY) when available

American Bresse eggs for hatching when available

Coturnix Quail eggs for eating  (FARM PICK-UP ONLY) when available

Coturnix Quail hatching eggs (FARM PICK-UP ONLY) when available

We do special orders for American Bresse Chicks & Coturnix Quail Chicks when available (FARM PICK-UP ONLY)


We became members of the National Poultry Improvement Plan in September 2016 and are Pullorum Typhoid (salmonella) and AI (Avian Influenza) Clean.  We then became Pullorum Typhoid testers for the state of VA, and we sell and ship Hatching Eggs all over the USA.


                                           Phone: (540) 465-5782
Email: ajfarmsshencova@gmail.com
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