Hatching Eggs

Q - What if hatching eggs are out of stock?

A - Check back on Mondays.  We stock the website on Monday Mornings. 

If it is in stock it will ship the following Monday!!!
We ship hatching eggs on Mondays to avoid shipments being held over the weekend in the postal system.

As Always Shipping is Include in the price

Packages mailed to North Dakota: Purchaser must provide their permit #. 

We can NOT ship to IOWA at this time due to Avian Influenza until further notice.

We Can NOT ship to HAWAII at this time.

During the winter months eggs could freeze and we recommend having your order ship in spring.  As always we will leave the decision up to the purchaser.
Please be aware that we do not guarantee shipped eggs due to the fact that we can not control how they are handled once they leave our hands.


 American Bresse Hatching*eggs

Breese are heat and cold tolerant and are very easy to care for, making them a great dual purpose bird. The American Bresse hen will weigh approximately 5.5 lbs., Roosters are 7 pounds. Bresse will start laying around 4.5 months.Hens lay 200 - 250 Medium-Large eggs per year on average with a tinted shell. The egg color will vary from nearly white to a very light tan.


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