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12+ American Bresse Hatching*Eggs

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American Bresse Hatching*eggs

While searching for a meat breed that we could produce on farm, without relying on buying chicks we discovered the American Bresse.

American Bresse chickens are a dual purpose bird.   Breese are heat and cold tolerant and are very easy to care for, making them a great dual purpose bird. AmericanBresse hen will weigh approximately 5.5 lbs., Roosters are 7 pounds. Bresse will start laying around 4.5 months. 

The American Bresse which originate from the French Bresse are patriotic in their coloring, with bright red combs and wattles, white feathers and blue legs Which is representative of the French and American Flag.

 Hens lay 200 - 250 Medium-Large eggs per year on average with a tinted shell. The egg color will vary from nearly white to a very light tan

As always shipping is included on all products.  We DO NOT GUARANTEE hatching eggs once they leave the farm as we can not control the handling of the eggs by the postal service nor can we control the temperatures reached during shipping.