Case of 12 Quart Superb canning jars
12 superb quart canning jars on the storage  / drying rack

Superb Regular Mouth Glass Mason Canning Jars with Lids & Bands (12 Count) Made in the USA (Quart)

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Brand: Superb

Color: Clear


  • The difference is CLEAR... literally. Compare Superb mason canning jars with other well-known brands, and you can literally see the difference in clarity. These jars don't have any etching or marring on their primary surface. They are made with high-quality natural materials that are sustainably harvested (not mined).
  • These glass mason canning jars are MADE IN THE USA! Each individual jar undergoes an extensive quality check using radar and laser inspection. These are more durable due to their detailed manufacturing.
  • These canning jars have high thermal shock endurance and high strength-to-weight ratio. Extreme precision ensures that with the correct care, the glass will last for years.
  • Each box includes a dozen pint or quart mason jars, a box that can be re-used for canning jar storage, 12 canning jar lids and bands, a patent-pending jar drying rack, and a canning jar lid and band storage tray.
  • Superb has become a household name in the canning industry for precision manufacturing and a quality product. These glass storage jars are no different. Ideal for pressure canning, water bath canning, or dry storage, these jars are designed to preserve your harvest.

model number: Quart

Details: What's included?
A dozen Superb pint mason jars - these 16 ounce jars are often used for jam, jelly, and tomatoes. A canning jar storage box that maximizes storage space. Fill the pint mason jars and place them back into the box they shipped in, allowing you to stack your canned goods. Twelve regular mouth glass jar lids WITH jar bands. These lids and bands are compatible with other canning jars on the market, such as Ball, Kerr, and Golden Harvest brand mason jars. A patent-pending canning jar lid and band storage tray. Never wonder about your canning jar bands and lids getting damaged during storage again. These storage trays are stackable. A patent-pending jar drying rack is nested into the bottom of the box. This jar drying rack is specially sized to keep your jars upright, keeping them from being bumped and broken when they are drying after washing.

Why should you trust your canned goods to Superb Sealing Solutions' mason jars and lids?

Superb Sealing Solutions has been a sought-after manufacturer of automotive parts for decades. Their highly honed skills working precisely with metal, heat, and sealing have set them apart in the canning industry.
When there was a significant shortage of canning lids in 2020, Superb was approached by their Amish friends, and they set out to make the best mason jar lids available. Their products are made in the USA, and they have become a household name recognized for making high-quality bulk canning supplies.

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